Vasil Shotarov - CGI Showreel

This is my first ever showreel and I am incredibly excited about finally being able to upload and share it ! I am very passionate about all things CG, so if you have any comments or critiques don't hesitate to share them with me.

Vasil Shotarov - Showreel - Spring 2015

Artwork by Vasil Shotarov - "Antoine the Nobel"

Antoine is a great fan of quality literature. Every day he wakes up early in the morning, eats his breakfast carefully prepared by his numerous servants, grabs a book and sits down in his favourite room with a view of the Eiffel Tower, though he rarely looks at it, as he often gets lost in the books he reads. He reads untill noon, then has lunch and goes to take a nap. People tend to dislike him, because he appears too selfish and cold. He is. After exactly an hour and a half of sleep, he wakes up and continues with his reading. After dawn, he invites his great friend Dupin, and together they smoke the finest tobacco in their briar pipes and discuss different philosophical propositions with references to their every day life.

Antoine - The Nobel

Artwork by Vasil Shotarov - iLike Media promo video

I did this corporate video for iLike Media as a freelance artist. It was a great experience and I loved working with the awesome people at iLike.

iLike Media promo

Artwork by Vasil Shotarov - Masculine Fella

I had great fun working on this project, because it was the first one I have ever done from concept sculpt to final render.

Masculine Fella

Artwork by Vasil Shotarov - Happy Holidays

I created the short to wish all the best to the friends and family who I won't be able to celebrate with this year, and to the public, as well.

Happy Holidays

Visualisation by Vasil Shotarov - Interior Render

Seeing what the wonderful VRay community is doing in terms of interior renders I had to take a shot at it. Not even close to what some guys are doing, but it was great fun.

Interior render

Artwork by Vasil Shotarov - Shot and other drugs

I have spent many ours watching Nick Campbell's tutorials at greyscalegorilla.com and this image is heavily inspired (a nice word for stolen) from him.
This image was created in Cinema 4D.

Shot and other drugs

Artwork by Vasil Shotarov - Dancing Hair - video

This is another Cinema 4D project and again heavily inspired by greyscalegorilla, but this time it was Chris Schmidt who was showing the techniques of using xPresso to drive animation.

Dancing Hair

One minute animated short - Yo Ho Ho and a rubber ducky

This was my second year group project at university. It was a great experience and I had a blast working with the team.

Yo Ho Ho and a rubber ducky


Blog CMS - design and development

Even though, Wordpress is super common, it's user friendliness is making it really hard to be optimized. That's why I developed my own blogging CMS, so I can get to know the principles behind building a CMS. Just like GEBY, this website also relies a lot on dynamically creating content using AJAX. I've decided to keep the blog private, because I am mainly using it for recording my thoughts for myself.

Complete blogging CMS built on Laravel

BU Timetable - Reminder tool

I developed this little tool, because the iBU app for Android kept crashing and causing me to be late for lectures.

Basically a student registers, and then they get their timetable for the following day each evening at 8pm. I have found it incredibly helpful for myself.

Bottom right is the look of the email.

BU Timetable reminder tool


I like creating cool stuff! It's really interesting for me to create products that work and excite people. That is exactly why I love animation so much, because you as a creator elicit emotional responses from your audience. Moreover, creating animated films is so much fun (as you can imagine). Recently, (well it's been almost a year now) I directed my second animated short and I loved it (mainly because of the great team I had the chance to work with).
As well as animation, I've kept my interest in web design and the Internet in general for the last 10 years. It has always been a passion of mine to create really cool tools for people to use and the web makes that so easy. So, nowadays in both web and animation, coding is a big part of my life.

Photo of Vasil Shotarov

Apart from animation and the web, I am also a very passionate book lover, amateur guitar player, big fan of personal growth/development and recently quite interested in Philosophy. I think "Atlas Shrugged" is the most amazing piece of literature you could ever find. Other than that, I am always up for a cool conversation with like-minded people, so please don't hesitate to shoot me an email if you'd like to talk about any of the mentioned interests of mine.