I am Vasil Shotarov. Currently I live in London, enjoying the beautiful weather and rigging for Blue Zoo. Previously, I studied computer animation at Bournemouth University.

I have recently started bindpose - a blog about rigging in Maya, mainly with Python. On there, I share tips, ideas and code about improving as a rigger.


With getting more and more into rigging, I developed a strong interest in coding. Most of my rigging involves Python and C++, but previously I have developed a couple of web apps with PHP and games in OpenGL and C++. Currently, I am writing a modular rigging system, and it seems it is going to be a long term ongoing task.

Open source

Additionally, I admire the open source philosophy. I think it has the potential of improving the lives of people tremendously, mainly by providing, essential to free speech, online privacy. I also believe that the collaborative nature of open source might help us come up with solutions to our most important issues - climate change and sustainable energy.

Not rigging

When I am not rigging I also try to draw and sculpt. I find the process of creating characters incredibly satisfying. What is more, practice helps me understand anatomy - which I find fascinating - better.


Another large part of my life recently has been reading. I love the fact that I have a guaranteed hour of reading a day, while on my commute.

I am a big fan of Ayn Rand’s philosophical fiction. It touches upon some crucial topics about the development of society. Additionally, I think she offers a great philosophy - objectivism - to live by.

Lately, I have developed an immense love of science fiction after reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide series and I am currently making my way through Isaac Asimov’s universe.

Physical activity

I used to play a lot of basketball growing up, but I have not found a place and people to play with in London, yet. That is why, I have started going out for the occasional 5k.


Lastly, the rest of the time I like spending with my beautiful partner Betty. We enjoy talking, having walks along the Thames and once a week sitting down with a guitar and a bottle of wine, singing and having fun.